Sight for Sore Eyes in Singapore 

Singapore is an Asian country like no other! It is known for its low crime, stringent rules such as no j-walking, no chewing gum, no dancing on the street or keeping to the correct side when walking… or so I was told when I was younger.
I had visited Singapore when I was about 11 years old. Although we were just in transit I remember seeing the shops and the airport was alive and vibrant. It was filled with colours and had decor that had sparkly large items hanging from its surrounds and lights that filled bright rooms. Of course at that age things seem a lot more alive and it’s a world of it’s own. That’s exactly how I remembered it. I couldn’t wait to come back one day.

23rd July 2017:

We were crossing the road to our bus that would take us to the hotel. A crew member said to me “quick” as we quickly j-walked across the road to our bus as we dragged our suitcases across the road with us. “We really shouldn’t be doing that in Singapore” she said underneath her breath, as we passed our luggages to the bus driver to stow in the hold. AWESOME! I thought. Haven’t even stepped onto Singapore ground for even a minute and I’m already breaking the rules. I’m not sure which rules I mentioned above were still applicable but I’m sure j-walking is definitely still one of them.

I arrived at the hotel, checked into my room which was situated on the 41st floor. Without even thinking of much, all I wanted to do was dump my stuff, change out of my uniform and just be comfortable.

So I place the hotel key in ‘click’ – throw everything into the room and I opened my blinds. Surprise! Welcome to Singapore!, I was greeted with this view…

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Okay, so I did see this view while I was riding on the bus enroute to the hotel, but, really? I get this view from my room? I was gobsmacked! “How did I get so lucky?” Were the words that popped straight to my mind when I opened the blinds. My second thought was “How am I meant to go to sleep now?” Third thought… “When I go to sleep do I have to close my blinds?” If you’re wondering, yes I did eventually close them before I went to bed.

24th July 2017:

I tried to sleep in but I knew that was going to be mission impossible so I got up opened my blinds, went onto the balcony and took in the view as I watched the sunrise. It was a moment I will remember to cherish. Those moments in life when you have them don’t come often and when you do, you must learn to appreciate and feel everything in that moment. When those moments come they are the times you feel so lucky to be alive. Your entire world stops as you stare blankly into oblivion, what you see with your eyes awakens all senses and you feel it with your heart. I’m here and I’m happy, sometimes in unbelief because you are stunned with your surroundings. Your mind is playing catch up as it adjusts to what you can see right in front of you. Before you wake up to the reality and realise – yes, I am truly here.

I pulled up a lounge chair and I made myself a nice cup of tea and oats with mixed nuts for breakfast. I laid my feet out as I ate my breakfast and slowly sipped at my tea. Wow, this is my reality now!

My plan for the day was to get my nails done, have some lunch, visit the merlion and sit by the marina admiring the view.

Unfortunately, the wanderlust in me didn’t agree with this idea so once we were done with that I decided to go for a wander around the streets and see where the day would take me next.

I went for a walk over the bridge and found myself with some even more beautiful sky scrappers, architectural wonders and people sitting down either enjoying a lunch break or tourists resting their feet.

Marina Bay Sands is one stunning piece of work! If you look closely in this image below you will see men hanging from the frame cleaning the glass to keep this little guy all sparkly and clean. I didn’t actually realise that the Gardens By the Bay was so close to here!

You literally walk through the marina bay sands building, you cross a bridge, keep walking and it will lead you to your next sightseeing destination. Pretty cool huh?

I didn’t actually realise that there was a lot to do at Gardens by the Bay so I didn’t spend much time here. “I’ll be back” I said to myself with such assurance that I will be. That I’m sure of.

When we travel alone it’s great because we can take everything in for what it truly is. The downside… pictures like this.

When your fellow travel companion you randomly meet who is also traveling alone, speaks no English and captures all the ‘greenery’ in this picture. The joys of solo travel!

After I walked around this joint I decided I had one more bucket list item I was dying to try before my visit to Singapore was complete.

ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!!! This was probably the only thing I really wanted to do or try during my visit here. I hate to admit it but it was so disappointing! I thought it was going to take me to heaven but it just cooled me back down to earth. It allowed me to make it back to the hotel without fainiting from heat stoke.

Until next time Singapore…

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