Pilgrimage to the city of Mercy

A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Typically, it is a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person’s beliefs and faith, although sometimes it can be a metaphorical journey into someone’s own beliefs. – Definition According to Wikipedia.

16th July 2016:

This day one month ago I set out on my own journey with 71 other hopefuls through the Holy Land in Israel where we would follow the life and the footsteps of Jesus Christ. We would then venture to Poland where we would celebrate our faith with 3.5 million young Catholics from all around the globe. 

During my travels I endured plenty of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical suffering. Having health issues whilst traveling is not what some would consider ideal, but the fruits gained during this type of trip was definitely worth every ache and pain. 

Some highlights may include: being carried into the Sea of Galilee, Adoration at the Tauron Arena and okay I admit… I may have been taken on a date by a Polish local. But nothing compares to the people I met who allowed me to open my heart to them and share the deepest parts of me. 

Blessed are the Merciful for that shall receive Mercy. Matthew 5:7

Before this trip my definition of mercy was an arm game we would play as children. Two would grasp hands together and wrestle for victory. Whoever would scream MERCY!!! would be the loser.

During this pilgrimage I learned that in this life the one that screams mercy is actually the winner! One who is able to forgive, love and pray for those who need it. It is the small deeds you do for others whole-heartedly. 

I kept a journal on my trip as I usually do on each of my travels; here is an excerpt on my reflections from Day 2. 

17th of July 2016 at Mount Neebo

The priest spoke about our journey through this pilgrimage. We will all come out as changed people. I remember thinking “I just want to be healed. I want to be healed from my past. I want to come back changed and healed.”

It’s safe to say what I wanted to achieve prior to this trip is not the only grace I had received. I obtained so much more.  

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