Where it all began… when

Let me set the scene and rewind the clock…

14th June 2010:

I had just finished work and I had bumped into a friend at the train station. She told me how she was attending her friends farewell in Kellyville (where I was living at that time) and I told her I could help her find the place, considering it was just down the road from me. I ended up walking her to the door (I’m just too kind like that). Just as I arrived at the door I had seen plenty of old school friends there and they asked me to come inside.

Little did I know fate was playing a huge part that day.

A girl I knew briefly spoke about how she was moving overseas to Dubai to be a Flight Attendant for Emirates. I gave her my sincere congratulations and said the typical ‘I’ve always wanted to do that‘ line; followed by a million excuses as to why I could never do it.

One year later

Time kept on passing by and that event was now just a memory stored somewhere in my brain.

I was working as a Reservations Sales Agent at a hotel and I loved my job. But in my heart I was searching for more. I remembered the event that had happened just over a year ago and it dawned on me.

THIS IS WHAT I’M MEANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE! I’m meant to move to Dubai and work as a Flight Attendant for Emirates. I had told a friend about this epiphany I had and she decided to come along and pursue this dream with me.

27th August 2011:

With weeks of preparation there was an Open Day in Sydney. I got some pictures taken for my profile, my passport ready so I could start right away, my resume updated and stole my uniform from work to wear on the day (minus my name badge!)

I was completely confident I was going to make it through. This was it! I met with the recruiter told her a bit about myself and I felt super confident I was going to receive a call for the next day. She seemed to like me asked a couple of questions and was happy with how I performed.

My friend called to say she had made it to the next round of interviews. I waited until 5pm in my car, somewhere with the best cell phone reception.

5pm hit. No phone call. Not shortlisted. Tears – lots of it.

To be continued…

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